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Why Conduct a Business Stress Risk Review ?

• Identify and understand the causes of stress among your employees

• Compare your results to the HSE benchmark data

• Create a Strategic Wellbeing Action Plan

• Implement short-term, medium-term and long-term changes

The Link Between Stress and Absenteeism

Stress has caused absenteeism to increase over the last few years:

• 78% of people find that stress is affecting their mood, health and sleep

• Workplace stress is directly responsible for 25% of sickness absence, 70% of visits to the doctor and for 85% of serious illnesses

• According to a survey run by the CIPD in 2013, the average annual absence per employee is 7.6 days per year. The cost of employee absence for an organisation of 1,000 employees is £595,000 per year.

Investing In Your Employees’ Wellbeing Will:

• Reduce the level of stress among your employees

• Increase your employees’ productivity

• Reduce the cost of absenteeism to your business

• Reduce your organisation’s risk exposure to workplace stress

Our Business Stress Risk Review Includes:

A HSE Compliant Audit

Customisation of Online System to Your Own Branding

Action Planning

Open Format Questions to Capture Qualitative Feedback

Expert Analysis of the Data

Ability to Segment the Data

Comprehensive Reporting

Survey Monitoring System

Guaranteed to Achieve Representative Data

Why Choose The Stress Management Society For Your BSRR:

We have developed a market leading process to give you absolute clarity on how stress impacts your workforce. Armed with this information you can take positive action to maximise productivity and efficiency and minimise risk exposure.

Building on the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) framework, we have created a comprehensive process that will build an accurate picture of your organisation (which we will work with you to segment in a way that provides maximum value). We will then use that to produce detailed reports, with action plans that are tailored to address any specific challenges highlighted for any groups, teams, department, site or across your entire organisation.

With our extensive expertise, you will not only gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that exist, you will also identify how to implement laser focused interventions that take positive steps towards developing a strategically aligned wellbeing culture.

Our Goal

We are a not for profit organisation that has been passionately helping organisations just like yours in recognising and reducing stress and have been doing so for over 11 years. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people in companies across the planet from a broad spectrum of industry sectors. Utilising this experience we have developed best practice approaches that we will use for your benefit. Workplace stress is costing you – financially and culturally and our mission is to reduce these costs to you by helping you to recognise the true impact and develop a strategic wellbeing initiative to yield a maximum return of time and financial investment through reduced absenteeism, staff turnover, accidents, incidents, and increasing employee engagement, loyalty, morale, and the ability to attract the best people.